Medical Aesthetics


Medical Aesthetics

Medical Aesthetics

Aesthetic services dates back to the times when women became conscious about beauty and care! The nature of aesthetic services transformed over time as new methods, tools and technology evolved. Since the last five decades, threading, waxing and organic facial treatments were common and Beautiful You offered these services when it began business over fourteen years ago.

Some thirty years ago, electrolysis was introduced for hair removal, however it was not very successful as the treatment required precise targeting on each hair follicle and any aiming error resulted in a burn mark on the skin.

Over two decades ago, Laser systems quickly evolved as the new norm for permanent hair reduction. At present there are many laser hair removal systems so it is advisable that you understand them before starting your treatment procedure with any spa or clinic.

Hair Removal

Facial and Body Hair provide a the first skin insulation layer for the body by trapping the air movement on them. This helps a bit during the tough winter season in Canada however no one will venture out bare during our sub zero temperature with wind chill.

Perhaps this is the reason why we trust our thick clothing than bare skin!….and hence the body hair has lost it’s value. Furthermore fashion gurus promote hairless body  for Men and Women as appealing, sexy and healthy as hair can also harbor germs and even insects.

Check out our informative Presentation to learn about the different procedures for Hair Removal, their advantages and challenges.

This will also educate you about the different Laser Hair Removal systems in market to help you select the right service provider and laser system for your particular needs.

You can also download a PDF version of the presentation for reference.

Skin Rejuventation

Skin Rejuvenation is about celebrating and preserving the skin your creator and parents compromised to give you! As age and the environment erode and corrode it, Facial treatments help to reduce the impact of this change . They have also been successful in halting  (and even reversing)  the aging process.  Any mother, mother-in-law, family physician, dermatologist, pharmacist , BFF would be willing to share their expertise on this, however we believe there are three basic approaches to skin rejuvenation.

The service offered by  Estheticians and Dermatologists has become very close and even overlap  in this area especially since it is not clearly regulated in Canada..  Dermatologists claim that their education, training and experience are appropriate for providing this service to the public.  Aestheticians believe this is also their domain as many are trained and certified in operating  the machines used for treatments.  Interestingly, many Dermatology Clinics employ the services of an Aesthetician for operating the Laser, Radio Frequency , Pulsed and Ultraviolet Light  machines used for body and facial treatments.

Since Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover for body and  facial cosmetic treatments services and most private/employer Health Insurance Plans also do not approve them, the decision becomes important and a financial drain.